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    Cru YouthDev

    Cru YouthDev, formerly known only as S.A.Y. (Save America's Youth) Yes! Centers for Youth Development®, has grown over the past few years to include far more than just S.A.Y. Yes!™ training and curriculum.

    Our purpose is to train and support churches to help youth develop a lifelong, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ through in-your-life mentoring ministries.

    In many inner-city neighborhoods, Christians are feeling a need to open the doors of their churches during the after-school hours, and to minister to children and teens during this time of day when many are unsupervised and vulnerable to getting into trouble. The S.A.Y. Yes! program of Cru is designed to minister to the wholistic needs of young people: physical, spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual. Cru offers specialized training, curriculum, and other forms of assistance.

    S.A.Y. Yes! Launch Training

    For partner ministries wanting to begin a Christ-centered after-school ministry to K-12 grade




    Minneapolis, MN

    April 4–5, 2014

    Jane Howe

    Chicago, IL

    April 25–26, 2014

    Marc Henkel

    Los Angeles, CA

    May 1–3, 2014

    Tom Norris

    Dallas, TX

    May 9–10, 2014

    Paul Lucido


    Life-On-Life Mentoring Launch Training

    For partner ministries wanting to begin a Christ-centered mentoring ministry for 7-12 grade




    Seattle, WA

    May 9–10, 2014

    Chris Millheisler

    Launch Trainings are the initial training that all individuals and ministry teams who are interested in opening a S.A.Y. Yes! Center are required/requested to attend. For further information, please email the contact person in the city where you will be attending training.

    RELOAD is a place where relationships are introduced, where a community of believers are strengthened, and where dreams for positive shifts in ministry are hopeful through the eyes of the Lord. Come and experience an exchange in the Spirit through worship, workshops, and the Word of God.